WebScout 1.0a

WebScout 1.0a released today. I made it very long time. There is no changelog, because it’s very big size and i don’t remember all changes. But main directions:

  • Usage made more simply. Practice experience shown many uncomfortable places in WS. I tried remove all of them.
  • Big part of functional was removed. It’s about projects, URLs, databases and other data storage functions. Now WS – it’s tool like other tools of this class. It get some data for work from user, and return result. It`s all.
  • Other functions was improved based on practice expirience. Many bugs was removed.

README now contains main functional description. You may start from that:


Documentation now more friendly and placed on Gitbook.

Quick start: https://webscout.gitbook.io/webscout-en/quick-start

Any information is welcome. About bugs, new features, etc. Really lacking 3rd party user experience.

MailSnoopy v0.1a

Hello. Recently i had next problem. In long time i needed collect many letters from many mail accounts. In this process, i needed filter letters by some phrases and attachments in letters.
Usual mail clients does not solve this problem – they synchronize all letters movement and deletions. And search mechanisms unsuitable for my tasks.

I asked Google, forums, but did not found solution. And wrote it self. I decided public this tool, may be it can be useful for someone. Soft contains two parts – work cli-part and visual web-part. Other information you cat get from README.