HashBruteStation 0.3b released

Hello. Glad to present release 0.3b of HashBruteStation. It contains some serious changes and fixes.

1) HBS not in beta-stage. Tests are open now, rewrited on pytest from unittest, unit tests and integration tests now separated. Moreover, project works on production server more than year and i can say that it stable now.

2) Added integration with http://finder.insidepro.com/ service. Big thanks service`s developers for it. They made simple and effective API and helped with integration. Work with this service now occurs without user actions. You must only set key in config.ini. After that HBS will send all hashes to service every week. For more information see docs.

3) Done fixing mechanism of common hashlists by algs. Unfortunately, it had many bugs in 0.2a release, and they was seen only than count hashes in work became more million.

4) Added stdout logging mechanism in database and web-part for view it.

5) Added exceptions catching in threads. Now, if exception was raised, logger log information about it, thread stop work and main script restart it. So, now HBS try to work maximum time without users actions.

6) Now you can set retries count and delay time then deadlock detect in DB query. Before, it was 10 retries with 60 seconds delay by default. And this was good if hashes less than million.

And some small fixes was added. You can find all of them in CHANGELOG.


Topic on team`s forum: http://hack4sec.pro/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=105

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