HashBruteStation release

Hello everybody. Today under hack4sec flag i released one of my develops –
– Hash Brute Station. It`s a web-panel for control “home” builded hashcracking server.

Necessity in HSB born in pen-tests process. Earlier PC with GPU placed at my home, but with time i understand what it not right. Work for GPU was more and more, and i understand what i need a GPU work 24/7. But, in this time, there is no so many work for build farm from many GPU.

After samples and tests it turned what 1 GPU working 24/7 – it`s what i need. I build new PC and put it on colocation to datacenter which get Tower-cases. For simplify controll process was created HBS.

English documentation: http://hack4sec.pro/wiki/index.php/Hash_Brute_Station_en
Cli-part repo: https://github.com/hack4sec/hbs-cli
Web-part repo: https://github.com/hack4sec/hbs-web
Video-review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OP9QHYOksM
Project forum: http://hack4sec.pro/forum/viewforum.php?f=5

Will glad if this develop be helpful for someone.

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